A short-term care facility can provide the perfect solution if you or your loved one need to recover after a surgical procedure, give your regular caregiver a break, or sample assisted living life to determine if it is right for you.

During your stay, you will receive the same services and access to the features and amenities that full-time residents enjoy in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

Our expertly trained staff will develop a personalized treatment plan that they will monitor daily, coordinating your customized care with our in-house medical team.

Reach out to Sutton Gardens at (718) 461-1923 to learn more about what our short-term care facility can offer.

What Is Short-Term (Respite) Care?

Do you have an in-house caregiver that needs some time off to tend to a personal issue? Are you or your loved one looking to make a permanent move to an assisted living facility but are unsure if the move is right? Then short-term, or respite, care would be ideal for you.

A short-term care facility would also be perfect if you need:

  • Occupational, physical, or speech therapy
  • Assistance with medical equipment
  • Diabetic or memory care
  • Assistance with wound care
  • Mobility assistance
  • Help with feeding, bathing, dressing, or grooming

At Sutton Gardens, we provide a warm, welcoming environment perfect for your short-term rehabilitation needs. We are a state-licensed assisted living facility offering respite residential care that caters to a wide range of needs.

Sutton Gardens’ well-trained staff strives to enrich your stay with genuine compassion and exceptional care, allowing you or your loved one to embrace our facility as home, regardless of the length of your stay.

We customize each individual’s care plan according to their situation, providing quality rehabilitation services in a nurturing environment.

The Benefits of Respite Care

Our short-term care facility offers multiple advantages both to you or your loved one and your caregiver.

For instance, you can benefit from:

  • A change of scenery from your everyday day-to-day life
  • Access to the highest level of care
  • Access to multiple features, amenities, and short-term rehab services
  • Various community activities
  • Opportunities to engage and socialize with other people
  • The chance to test out an assisted living facility to determine if its provisions suit your long-term needs

If you or your loved one has a caregiver, a stint at a short-term care facility can also be beneficial to them, offering them:

  • A break from their regular caregiver duties
  • Time to handle personal tasks or appointments
  • Time to recover from burnout, illness, or injury
  • An opportunity to spend time with their families

Most importantly, respite care would give them the chance they need to rejuvenate and regain their motivation for when you or your loved one return home.

Features and Amenities

As beneficial as short-term care sounds, it is not always easy to arrange it because, in most cases, you will have to find a facility with free space. Fortunately, this is something you won’t need to worry about with Sutton Gardens.

We have set out several rooms just for short-term care, offering residents several amenities and features, including:

  • On-site rehabilitation services
  • Regular afternoon teas
  • Three high-quality, chef-prepared meals
  • Outdoor dining
  • Private and semi-private rooms with furnished accommodations, flat-screen TVs, and heating and air conditioning
  • Recreational, fitness, and cultural activities
  • 24-hour care from an expertly trained staff
  • Lab and pharmacy services
  • In-house beauty salon
  • Transportation for doctor visits, shopping trips, and social outings
  • Medication management
  • Weekly doctor visits

All these features and amenities help us ensure we provide you or your loved one with the comforts of home, emphasizing wholesome wellness.

No matter how short your stay is, our staff strives to provide extraordinary accommodations, delivering the expert care you need to ensure your stay with us is safe, healthy, and abundant in compassion.

Costs and Insurance Coverage

Though cheaper than full-term care, the cost of your stay at a short-term care facility will vary depending on the facility of choice, the care services, and the length of your stay.

The payment method will vary, too, with some facilities only accepting supplemental security income while others are okay with either insurance or private payment.

As far as coverage goes, this will also depend on the facility. For instance, Medicare and Medicaid might cover certain services but will not cover the entire cost of residing in the facility.

Reach out to us to find out more. We will be happy to review our costs and accepted payment methods with you.

Short-Term Care at Its Best

Sutton Gardens is the best solution for those who require short-term rehabilitation. Our facility enables you or your loved one to receive the highest level of care while retaining your continued independence.

We have more than 40 years of experience and, in that time, have cultivated a reputation of exceptional care thanks to our features, amenities, and fantastic staff. We continue to improve our services every year to ensure that every resident receives the care they deserve.

Our employees take pride in providing the services our residents need, doing so with the utmost respect and compassion. They understand that each resident has specific needs and preferences and work to deliver personalized services that satisfy each individual’s desires.

Are you looking for a short-term care facility that will offer the full-service, 24-hour care you or your loved one need? Contact Sutton Gardens today at (718) 461-1923 and learn more about the benefits our respite care can offer.

What is Short-Term (Respite) Care? | Sutton Gardens Enhanced Assisted Living


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