The National Center for Assisted Living reveals that over a million people in the United States currently reside in assisted living facilities. Such facilities offer patients professional assistance in accomplishing their day-to-day tasks.

Sutton Gardens is the leading assisted living community in Flushing, New York. We have nursing facilities, mental health professionals, and long-term care facilities that help seniors and patients with special needs maintain the highest possible level of autonomy and quality of life.

We offer expert-crafted individual service plans for assisted living patients. Our facilities can accommodate requests from family members and healthcare professionals. We know that no two people are the same, so we provide individualized care programs uniquely tailored to everyone who walks through our doors.

Sutton Gardens’ broad range of amenities, services, and daycare options allow us to offer fine-tuned levels of supportive care. As a result, we ensure our patients enjoy the best possible outcomes as they pursue their health goals. We work with many healthcare providers to determine how our patients could spend their time with us based on their medical history, food preferences, and personal values.

Our assisted living facilities also carry an Enhanced Assisted Living License. This license allows us to care for people not covered by traditional senior living and nursing home programs.

What Are Individual Service Plans (ISPs)?

Individual service plans, or ISPs, for assisted living facilities contain the details of each patient. Such details include the patient’s activity levels, supportive services, and the learning resources a patient requires to attain their unique health goals. At Sutton Gardens, we use individual service plans to create agreements and articulate decisions that best accommodate the needs of every patient.

Creating an ISP requires professional information gathering and a few consultations with our patients’ former care teams and close family members. Our caregivers will work with interdisciplinary teams, or IDTs, who are experts in identifying challenges our patients might face during their time with us. Furthermore, we might consult with outside consultants, specialists, or IDTs from previous healthcare providers to complete our evaluations.

ISPs allow us to analyze and prepare for a patient by:

  • Recognizing their preferences, tastes, and choices
  • Determining their behavioral needs and mental health status
  • Evaluating their health maintenance needs, including whether they are likely to develop additional health conditions
  • Assessing how well they can plan financially
  • Measuring their ability to keep themselves safe without assistance

Our special needs and assisted living experts will translate these assessments into actionable objectives and goals. They will then outline these goals in the written plan that becomes the ISP.

A patient’s ISP might contain information that could change over time. Most ISPs will reflect the essential life-sustaining needs of a patient as chief priorities. The ISP will then sort the patient’s preferential additions in order of importance.

How to Choose the Right Facility to Meet Your Needs

The National Center for Assisted Living predicts that the number of assisted living residents will double before 2030.

We always recommend that patients find a nursing facility close to friends and family. A sense of community and belonging does wonders for mental and physical well-being.

Here are a few other tips that will help you pick the right assisted living facilities for you or a loved one:

  • Ask for referrals from neighbors, friends, family members, or other people you trust
  • Ask your doctor about reputable local nursing homes and whether they can care for you while inside
  • Contact your local civic center or elder care clinic
  • Go on the Medicare website and find out what expenses they can cover
  • If your state has an Aging and Disability Resource Center, contact it. If not, use the Eldercare Locator

The Medicare website features the Nursing Home Compare tool that prospective patients can use for information gathering.

How to Build the Perfect Individual Service Plan for Assisted Living Residents

A high-quality ISP will include the religious, recreational, social, and cultural activities. These activities should aim to give the passage of time meaning aside from the life-sustaining basics.

Most personalized plans for assisted living consist of nine sections:

  • A Medical section that informs healthcare providers about the need for chiropractors, medical equipment, and pain management
  • A Rehab section that describes speech and physical therapy needs
  • A Nutritional section that outlines swallowing, chewing, and digestion difficulties
  • An Activity section that details fluid restrictions
  • A Functional section with details about continence, skin care, mobility, and personal hygiene needs
  • A Cognitive section that informs the facility about the need for dementia care and environmental modifications
  • A Sensory Impairment section
  • A Mental Health section
  • A Social Section

Sutton Gardens has over 40 years of experience creating individual service plans for assisted living patients with special needs and advanced ages. Call us at (718) 461-1923 for a consultation.


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